Ex-MLB Pitcher Brad Halsey Dies in Climbing Accident

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Pitcher Brad Halsey #57 of the New York Yankees delivers

Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Former MLB baseball player Brad Halsey, 33, died from a recreational climbing accident.

This tragic news comes just over a week after another baseball player, Oscar Taveras, died in a car accident.

The pitcher was 14-19 in 88 games played over the course of the 2004-06 seasons. Halsey has played for the New York Yankees, Arizona Daimondbacks and Oakland Athletics. He most recently played for the Yankees minor league organization in 2011.

The lefty was on the mound for two historical baseball events while up in the majors. In 2004, Halsey was throwing when Derek Jeter made his infamous diving catch as he went headfirst into the stands. Then in 2006, Halsey gave up the pitch that Barry Bonds hit for his 714th home run– tying Babe Ruth’s record.