FIFA President Sepp Blatter Resigns Amid Corruption Allegations

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Sepp Blatter Announces Resignation

Sepp Blatter in 2015


Everyman President Sepp Blatter has resigned from his actual position of President of FIFA in a ground-breaking announcement. Blatter who had just been elected for a fifth term as president despite 14 people, including many FIFA officials, being arrested on wide scale corruption charges. Nothing has been made official but it’s safe to say that Sepp Blatter is starting to see the walls close in on him as just yesterday the New York Times published an article implicating Blatter’s number two, Jérôme Valcke, in awarding South Africa the 2010 World Cup for a $10 million bribe.

FIFA has long been scrutinized for its shady dealings, corruption and lack of transparency with much of the criticism falling on Blatter, who has held the position of president since 1998.

FIFA’s corruption was seemingly only outdone by his arrogance toward that corruption, as Blatter has seemingly mocked the notions that FIFA is anything on the up and up, even when multiple high ranking officials were indicted last week.

He might have finally flown too close to the sun with awarding the World Cup to Qatar, and the human rights disaster that has gone along with it, as FIFA’s corruption had finally become too bold for something to not be done. It is unclear what the future of FIFA will look like, but Sepp Blatter will be spending plenty of time with his lawyers and shedding papers these next few months.

The resignation will not be effective immediately as the a new president will not be elected until December at the earliest.


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