13 Celebs Who Only Fly Private

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When flying first class just won't do...

For many celebrities, owning a plane is one of the ultimate status symbols. They can jet around the globe to their various mansions in comfort, whenever they want, and in total privacy, avoiding the hassles of flying with “normal” people. For the rest of us, an occasional flight in business class or *gulp* even first class is an event worthy of celebration, a Snapchat and/or Instagram post.

Oh to be so lucky!

Of course, celebs also like to compare their jets: the bigger the better. How fast is your plane? How many of your crew can fly with you? Or, how many planes do you have? Some celebs can park their jets in their driveways like cars. So casual! It’s all about bragging rights in the world of the high-flying rich and famous.

Let’s take a look at some celebs who’ll only fly private and the planes they own.

Private Plane

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