LeBron James Just Netted The Biggest Deal Of His Life

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LeBron Is Laughing Straight To The Bank After This Mega-Deal

Besides Kobe Bryant, since the departure of Michael Jordan, the only player that has been transcendent in the sport of basketball is LeBron James. His scorching play over the last 13 years has been revolutionary. Granted, he has made a fair share of mistakes that propelled him into being one of the most vilified athletes in history, but other than that, he’s been a consistent player and a huge cash cow. According to his agent, Maverick Carter, at the tender age of 31, LeBron has made the biggest deal of his life.

LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers warms up prior to the game against the Indiana Pacers

Credit: Jason Miller/Getty Images

See How Much LeBron James Just Earned In His Mega-Deal