NFL Teams Come Together In Solidarity In Response to Trump’s Remarks

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Making a statement

It was last year when Colin Kaepernick stole the headlines by sitting during the national anthem at the 49ers third preseason game. Kaepernick told the media that the reason he was sitting for the anthem is because of the oppression of people of color and the issues with police brutality in the country.

Colin received a ton of backlash for his actions as many people said that he was being incredibly disrespectful. He changed his protest slightly and decided to kneel for the national anthem instead of sit. This was a move trying to show that he meant no disrespect, but people still kept hammering him. The quarterback was soon joined by other NFL players and sports players around the world with his protest.

Things have carried over into this season, and president Donald Trump has started a ruckus. Trump said that he wished NFL owners would “fire” any player that protested the national anthem, and even said, “Get that son of a b*** off the field right now.” As a reaction to the comments, the players and teams of the NFL have protested the national anthem as a whole, but in different ways.

kaepernick kneeling

Credit: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

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