Super Bowl I vs. Super Bowl 50: Then & Now

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Then vs. Now

The Super Bowl is an extremely important day (if not the MOST important day) for millions of Americans. Ratings shatter records year after year, millions of dollars are spent on high-caliber halftime shows and parties take place at just about every other house on the block! This year is expected to the biggest one yet, as the Super Bowl is celebrating it’s 50th year! Whether you’re a football fan or just there to watch the commercials, it’s undeniable that this event unites people of all kinds for a few hours each year. To which we say, why not impress everyone at that party you’re going to with some fun facts about the big game and how much it’s evolved over the years? Football fans (or not), we proudly present 18 facts about Super Bowl I vs. Super Bowl 50!

panel at super bowl 50 press event

Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

You won't believe how much has changed!