Swinging Couples Tell Stories of Their Sexy Encounters

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I guess this is how it's done right!

Being in a polyamorous relationship is not just a fad, it’s been going on for millennia. Societal pressures have put a stigma on the idea of spinning your nasty bits around town on a lazy susan because that would *gasp* break your marital vows, but some people need that. In fact, swinging with (or without) your significant other usually ends up strengthening your relationship.

Of course, it’s not as simple as it sounds… sharing your partner is complicated (both physically and emotionally). Fortunately, we have reached out to a number of actual ‘swingers’ to give us the scoop on what works (and what doesn’t)… in all its detailed glory.

Credit: Charlie Bard/Shutterstock

Some of these couples are WILD!