This Retired Baseball Star Does The Unthinkable By Saving Underaged Sex Slaves

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Adam LaRoche Takes A Swing For Freedom

It’s been quite a few months for former MLB slugger, Adam LaRoche. After being told his son was no longer allowed in the team dugout, LaRoche protested in efforts to have the rules change. When things didn’t go his way, he abruptly retired, leaving fans and the Chicago White Sox organization bemused by his decision. Recently, LaRoche was given a platform by ESPN to candidly explain his story and decision to retire despite being set to receive $13 million this year. While he did admit that the decision to have his son banned from the dugout played a part, he also revealed how one trip changed his entire outlook on life.

Adam LaRoche

Credit: Rich Pilling / Getty Images

See How Adam LaRoche Freed Underaged Sex Slaves