Whatever Happened to Tupac’s Wife?

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Where's Keisha?

It’s been 20 years since Tupac’s tragic death. When you think of Tupac, you may think of him as a legendary rapper, actor, poet, and voice for the young, black community. But one title you probably never associated with his name is husband. Yes, Tupac was once married to a woman named Keisha Morris.

It wasn’t a highly publicized marriage, but their union was very much legit. There have been many rumors, myths, and fallacies of what was going on in Tupac’s life while¬†he was alive. Though she’s been out of the spotlight for years and years, Keisha is here to tell her side of the story.

tupac and his wife keisha

Source: Facebook @Tupacalypse Shakur

She surfaces to tell what it was like being married to Tupac