Hockey Goalie Body Slams Opponent Out of Frustration

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Ben Bishop, the 6’7″ goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning, got a little frustrated during his 3-2 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Lightning goalie was having a rough game up until the point he body slammed one of his opponents. Through the first two periods the Blackhawks outshot the Lightning 31-13 and Bishop had Blackhawks players all over him. After the Blackhawks scored a goal, and Bishop had his goalie stick knocked out of his hand by an opposing player, he took action into his own hands when Ben Smith of the Blackhawks got a little too close to his net. Out of frustration, as Smith was blocking his view of the puck, Bishop slammed Smith into the ground. Smith, not Bishop, received a penalty and had to sit out of the game for two minutes.

It was an unusual moment seeing a goalie retaliate in such fashion. But one thing is for certain–opposing players better keep their distance.