I Switched to FanDuel and I’m Not Turning Back

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I look forward to fantasy football every year, but by the time I’m two weeks in, I’m already over it. The same thing happens to me each season: my friends and I go out of our ways to plan our draft (this year we did a live one, which led to plenty of problems when your #1 pick gets taken a turn before you), everyone ends up feeling screwed over, and we spend most of our time together arguing over keepers and punishments for losing the league. My office draft wasn’t much better; in fact, I had worse picks, and each week I play against IT guys I don’t even know.

Last year, two of my buddies tried FanDuel, the online daily fantasy site you see ads for everywhere, and they started making money immediately. One of them even won a huge event and put his winnings towards our last spring break trip, which was sick. I realized I was definitely missing out, so this year, I started using FanDuel, too.

I never thought I’d really get into all this stuff online, but my friends convinced me it was the right choice, and now that I signed up, I know that I’m never turning back. Getting started on the site couldn’t have been easier, and after a few minutes I already entered my first contest and got my lineup. Might I add, it was much better than either of my fantasy teams (go figure). As my friends promised, I immediately saw success. My team scored in the top 25% of that contest, and the cash came flowing into my account. Needless to say, I was hooked.

The best features you need to know about FanDuel are simple. Signing up and making your deposits couldn’t be any easier. There are a huge variety of contests and events with all different entry fees and prizes. You can play in big public events or organize smaller ones with your friends, which makes the money aspect even more exciting. Secondly, there’s no preliminary draft, and I can’t stress how easy that makes playing. There’s no annoying competition, and you’re never screwed over from the get-go: it all comes down to your intuition and knowledge about players and teams. Third, you can do daily or weekly events which means your roster can change every day if you want it to. Forget the days of having your #1 pick get injured in the first week and having to sit out for the entire season. FanDuel allows you to modify your teams based on a player’s real-time performance from week to week.

The greatest part about FanDuel for me is that you’re basically guaranteed to make money, so long as you have a good grasp on the players you want to use. You just have to play smart and remember that people are stupid. When able to pick their entire rosters, people are going to favor their home teams, whereas you’re smart enough to pick the right players on a given day and make out like a bandit.

Everyone loves fantasy, and some people will tell you there’s nothing better than that hard-earned win, but there is: making money off that win. With FanDuel, taking sports to the next level has never been easier, and if you’re going to do a fantasy league or three anyway, why not make money off of it?