Joakim Noah Tricks Raptor Player to Pass Him the Ball While on the Bench

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Now that’s a trick play!

Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah isn’t fooling anyone. The center knew what he was doing as he was standing up on the sideline in his white warm-up jersey. You can even see him standing sideways with his hands elevated as though he’s waiting to take a shot.

As DeMar DeRozan was in a tight spot, looking for someone to pass to, Noah stood out like a sore thumb. You can’t blame DeRozan for passing the ball to him.

The Bulls are now 44-29 with just under 10 games remaining in the regular season. With Derrick Rose still out, Noah is going to have to come up big when playoffs kick off.

Whether or not Noah tricked DeRozan on the pass, the Bulls beat the Raptors 116-103.