Kansas City Chiefs’ Eric Berry Completes Cancer Treatment

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Eric Berry Finishes Cancer Treatment After Six Months

A fan holds a sign supporting Eric Berry

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This is the time of year where NFL teams report to essentially play two hand touch in OTAs and America clamors over any bit news that makes its way out of these camps. However, Andy Reid released some exciting news today, and it had nothing to do with new free agents or scheme changes: All-Pro Safety Eric Berry has completed his initial cancer treatment.

Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in late November last year and has received treatment for the past six months. According to Reid the treatment is over and “He’s going to get his big end-of-the-school [year] exam down here. He’s been through all the treatments, so now the doctor is going to sit down with him and go over exactly what the results of all that are.”

The original diagnosis claimed the cancer was “very treatable” and “potentially curable.”

Berry was a can’t-miss prospect coming out of the University of Tennessee in 2010 with some considering him the best safety prospect ever. He was drafted with the fifth overall pick by the Kansas City Chiefs and has been an elite safety ever since, earning Pro Bowl honors in his the three full seasons he has played. He missed the 2011-2012 season with a torn ACL.

Who knows what the tests will show but football fans and non-fans alike are all hoping to see Eric Berry making plays in the not-too-distant Sunday.