LeBron James Jr Wins His Championship Before His Dad

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LeBron Jr. Adds to Trophy Case

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LeBron James is getting ready to start his fifth consecutive NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors tonight, but win or lose, the James family will add another decorative and shiny object to put up on their mantle this summer.

James’s son, LeBron Jr., is already following in his old man’s footsteps as he lead his team, the Gulf Coast Blue Chips, to the fourth grade championship at THE LEAGUE Dallas/ Hype Sports Summer Jam, turning in a stat sheet filling performance we have came to expect from his dad.

LeBron Jr. has already started to make a name for himself as a basketball player leading his Blue Chips to multiple championships around the country.

LeBron James Jr. will turn 11 in October, which means he will be eligible for the 2024 NBA Draft. Like father like son, let’s wait and see how LeBron’s son will perform over the years.

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