LeBron James Pushes Coach David Blatt During Game

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Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James scored 33 points in his first game back since Dec. 28, after straining his back and knee. But intentionally pushing his coach in the back during the second quarter of the Phoenix Suns game overshadowed his performance.

While trying to get open underneath, James was called for an offensive foul. At first, LeBron thought it was a defensive foul on the Suns, so his reaction afterwards was disbelief and rightly so. LeBron did not commit a foul, so that’s where Cavs head coach David Blatt got involved. While trying to argue the call against the ref, James interfered and pushed Blatt off of the court.

After the game, Blatt told reporters that James was trying to prevent him from getting a technical foul. But as you see in the video, it is an obvious shove rather than a preventive push. James downplayed the incident as well.

And this isn’t James’ first time getting physical with a coach. In 2010, James bumped Miami Heat coach Eric Spoelstra on his way back to the bench. That looked pretty intentional, too.

Whether the push was an act of frustration or not, James should keep his hands to himself and the basketball.

The Cavs lost to the Suns 107-100.