Marshawn Lynch Fined $100,000 For Being Silent

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Running back Marshawn Lynch #24 of the Seattle Seahawks looks on during the game

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Wednesday (Nov. 19) the NFL announced that Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks was to be fined $100,000 for violating the NFL’s media policy.

The NFL media policy requires all players to be available to the media during practice week at the team facility and in the locker room after all games. Media policy states:

“Star players, or other players with unusually heavy media demands, must be available to the media that regularly cover their teams at least once during the practice week in addition to their required post game media availability.”

This is Lynch’s third fine for not meeting the media requirements. The standard fine for not meeting the policy is $50k, however, last season the NFL warned Lynch that if he did not make himself more available in the next season (2014-15), then he would be fined for both seasons.

Marshawn Lynch has only talked to reporters once this season on November 2 in Seattle after a win against the Oakland Raiders.

Lynch told an ESPN analyst when asked about his fine, “I thought I covered my bases by doing an interview after the game — what I was told to do. If it wasn’t good enough, then I don’t know what to say. That’s it. Now I understand it wasn’t good enough for the league, or for whoever is fining me.”