Michael Oher Says the Film ‘The Blindside’ Hurt Career

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Michael Oher in 2012

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Michael Oher was more famous than any other lineman in the NFL before he was even drafted thanks to Michael Lewis’s novel ‘the Blindside,’ which was then converted into an Academy award nominated biopic bearing the same name.

Since then, Oher was selected in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens and is now with his third team in his six year career, the Carolina Panthers.

Oher spoke yesterday about his career and how the the film has impacted him negatively. He feels the movie has given off unreal perceptions and expectations of him, saying:

“People look at me, and they take things away from me because of a movie. They don’t really see the skills and the kind of player I am. That’s why I get downgraded so much, because of something off the field… This stuff, calling me a bust, people saying if I can play or not … that has nothing to do with football. It’s something else off the field. That’s why I don’t like that movie.”

From other biopics like Jackie Robinson, Ernie Davis, Mohammed Ali, and others, Oher definitely has a point here when you look at all the athletes that have had big time movies made about them. They have all either been great on the field or done something incredible off the field, or perform both. Oher is just a regular offensive tackle, as in he wouldn’t be famous for anything in his NFL career. The fact that he went from being homeless at 16 to being a first round draft pick in six years is the real story. People just tend to expect more from the “guy from that movie.”