Minnesota United FC to Join MLS in 2018

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Soccer is officially growing in popularity in the America!

Major League Soccer announced today (Mar. 25) at Target Field in Minneapolis that the state of Minnesota will be getting a professional soccer team.

The Minnesota United FC will take the field in a new stadium, which still needs to be built, in the Farmer’s Market area in 2018. The former North American Soccer League team was founded in 2010, but with such large support to join the MLS by soccer enthusiest – mainly the Dark Clouds, a nickname for soccer fans in Minnesota – the league had an easy decision to make.

The MLS will now have 23 teams in 2018, on pace for the league’s goal of 24 by 2020. A team based out of Miami is currently in the works, which would make that 24 before the goal date.

Yes – the number of soccer fans in the U.S. is continuing to grow. New MLS teams in Atlanta and Los Angeles begin play in 2017.