MLB Hands Down Eight Game Suspension to Brian Matusz for Foreign Substance on Arm

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Brian Matusz Suspended Eight Games After being Caught With Foreign Substance

Brian Matusz before getting ejected in 2015

Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Brian Matusz was ejected over the weekend for having a foreign substance on his arm while pitching in the 12th inning of a game against the Miami Marlins. Marlins manager Dan Jennings alerted the crew chief that he believed there was something shiny on Matusz’s right forearm and that he was routinely touching that spot before gripping the ball.

When the umpire found that a foreign susbstance was on the his arm he promptly ejected Matusz. The MLB has now come down with an eight game suspension. The reason for the length is that as a reliever Matusz does not play every day, so it is akin to suspending a position player to 3 or 4 games.

Matusz is the second pitcher in the past week to be caught with a foreign substance as Brewers’ reliever Will Smith was suspended 8 games for being caught with a similar substance.

These attempts are not all that uncommon in the MLB. As the weather gets hotter and more humid, pitchers will often attempt to hide a tacky substance somewhere on themselves that they can put on their fingers before they go for the ball, allowing them to grip the ball better.

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