NHL Stars Learn The Game Of Sledge-Hockey

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Never thought NHL pros could be more genuine.

Sledge-hockey is a sport that allows ice-hockey to be played by those unable to physically skate. The Cruisers sledge-hockey team in Ontario were happy to take part in a promotional Gatorade documentary about why they play the sport. But the Ontario team was taken by surprise when NHL players Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon, Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell, Logan Couture and Ryan Miller walked onto the rink to take part in a game. “Their passion for hockey is something we all share, no matter what our situation or where we come from,” said Pittsburgh Penguins centre, Sidney Crosby.

The hockey players quickly transformed from pros on skates to amateurs in sleds as they battled to beat the Cruisers, who “skated circles” around them.

Story Courtesy: Storyful, Aoife Lawlor

Source: GatoradeCanada

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