Powerlifter Breaks 1,016-Pound Deadlift Record with Arnold Schwarzenegger Watching

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Even with the Governator present, this powerlifter let nothing deter him from setting a world record.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and other legendary bodybuilders were present for the 2015 Arnold Classic in Australia – where Englishman Eddie Hall put on a deadlift spectacle.

The powerlifter set a record by deadlifting 1,018 pounds, beating the existing 1,016-pound record by 1kg.

After the feat, 67-year-old Schwarzenegger tried to give Hall a high five, but “the human refrigerator” was too pumped to notice. However, after Hall circled back around he was still congratulated by his idol.

Whether you’re a fan of bodybuilders or not, it’s pretty awesome that the record was set in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger.