Rice Football Signs 7-Year-Old Leukemia Patient Named Ziggy

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Yesterday (April 8) the Rice University football program signed 7-year-old Fre’derick “Ziggy” Stovall-Redd, and what a great recruit.

The little boy is currently battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, but that’s not stopping him from getting out on the football field.

Rice head coach David Bailiff said in the press conference on the school’s Houston campus, “This young man’s been wrestling with this decision, and he has finally made the choice. He’s chosen Rice University,” Bailiff said. “We’re so excited and we want to welcome Ziggy to Rice University and the Rice football family. Thank you, Ziggy.”

Bailiff told the Houston Chronicle:

We don’t normally [recruit] out of state but after looking at his academic transcripts and how he performs on the football field we thought it was just for us to go into the state and try and get him here. Ziggy will always be part of the Rice University football family. He has 100 brothers and 10 granddads that are always going to be here for him. We will be with him every step of the way.

The little guy’s leukemia is currently in remission and the upcoming season should be a special one.

Go Owls!