Robert Kraft Announces Patriots Will Not Appeal Deflategate Penalties

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Robert Kraft Announces Patriots Will not Appeal Deflategate Penalties

Robert Kraft in 2015

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In a staggering 180 degree turn, Robert Kraft announced he will not appeal the punishments that the NFL handed down to the Patriots last week: A fine of $1 million and the loss of two draft picks.

This announcement serves as a massive reversal, of course, in tone and meaning. Ever since the story broke before the Super Bowl, Kraft has aggressively challenged any narrative and wrongdoing occurred within his organization. While he didn’t admit to anything today, he danced around the issue on exactly he felt as far as the evidence meriting the punishments. In the end he cited that “that taking [talk of an appeal] off the agenda is the best thing for the New England Patriots, our fans, and the NFL.”

This announcement will come as a huge relief to Roger Goodell and the NFL, as a whole, as now they no longer have to worry about handling an appeal and ease into the fact that they will not be sued in court over various penalties.

There have been reports that Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell spoke extensively on Saturday night, a conversation that also ended with a hug. It is unclear if the talk effected Kraft’s change in stance, but it looks like at least some of the bad blood has cooled between Goodell and one of his biggest supporters and closest friends, Robert Kraft.

It is important to note that this has no bearing on Tom Brady’s appeal process.