Santana Moss Ejected For Going Crazy After Confronting Referee

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Santana Moss really felt that the Washington Redskins were robbed of a touchdown on Sunday (Dec. 14).

After replacing injured starting quarterback Colt McCoy, Robert Griffin III rushed for a TD. However, the TD was called back because RG3 never re-established possession after losing the ball in midair.

Although the TD was called back, the Redskins were leading 10-7 going into halftime. But that wasn’t a good enough lead for wide receiver Santana Moss, and that is where yellow flags started flying…

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After the 24-13 loss to the New York Giants, Moss summed up his emotional outburst to the ref by telling reporters:

When I saw the call overturned, I’m like, it only happens to us. Man, it feels like every time we do something good, something bad comes out of it. It only happens to us. And it’s been 10 years of this. So I just got carried away, and I let that get the best of me. I’ve got to know better. I’ve got to do better.

The Skins are 3-11 and have no shot of making the playoffs. With a turbulent season of highs and lows, playing under a new coach, and controversies amongst who should be the starting quarterback, Moss gets a pass for his blowup Sunday.