Stephen Curry Crossed Chris Paul So Hard He Fell

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Give the kid the MVP award already.

Golden State Warrior point guard Stephen Curry is officially the best ball handler in the NBA.

Tuesday night (Mar. 31), the Warriors were in Los Angeles to take on their Pacific Division rivals, the Clippers. But before the game was over in the City of Angels, Curry proved that he is truly a basketball god.

In the second quarter of the game, as Curry was dribbling to the hoop, the MVP candidate did a double dribble behind-the-back on Clippers’ Chris Paul that sent the defender to the floor. Does Chris Paul need bigger feet?

Paul got so crossed up, it almost looked like he was breakdancing, Kung Fu fighting, grinding on Nicki Minaj, and saving the world with Spidey.

Or skateboarding.

Or playing Twister.

However funny these photos may be, what’s not funny is how embarrassing this must have been, especially while playing on your home court and losing to the Warriors 110-106.