The Dancing Sharks Won the Super Bowl

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Like any modern American dream, the beauty of showbiz is that you can rise from anonymity to stardom overnight.

Such is the case for the two backup dancers who portrayed the adorable, plush, and poorly coordinated sharks in Katy Perry’s halftime show during Super Bowl XLIX. Following the performance, fans have not hesitated to show their love of the seafaring creatures in all the best ways possible: through creative internet expression.

First of all, if you are still unfamiliar with the great whites that are taking the world by storm, check this out:

Beautiful, right? Over a hundred million viewers were suddenly transported from Arizona (irrelevant state minus that canyon) into a magical, out-of-the-sea adventure that combined the drama of Jaws with the color and genius of SpongeBob and the sensuality of Dirty Dancing (all of which are referenced below).

Just when things seemed perfect, however, the rift between left shark and right shark began. As you can see below, right shark’s dancing is on point, perfectly coordinated with Katy Perry, while left shark’s choreography leads us to think s/he was drunk (or worse an understudy).

Right shark killing it:

Left shark not so much:

Thus were left shark and right shark references born unto our culture. May they last forever, amen.

And along with newfound cultural significance comes some of the funniest internet creations featuring left shark.

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And words to live by:

And if one of the real shark’s Twitters isn’t good enough for you, you can follow the authentic Left Shark, who already has over 1,300 followers.

And that, ladies and gents, is why the dancing sharks defied all logic and surprised us all by becoming the true winners of last night’s game. They may not have taken home the Vince Lombardi Trophy, but they sure did win our hearts.