This Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

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For many Americans, the highlight of the Super Bowl is watching the ingenious (and wildly expensive) commercials. From year to year, there are certain brands that you know you can depend on to make the TV spectacle exciting regardless of the game play. And while some ads grab attention through sex appeal, other commercials stay memorable because they tap right into your heartstrings.

Budweiser has taken the latter approach this year by bringing you the dramatic story of a puppy who gets lost far from home and travels far and wide to return to his friends and owner. Naturally, the commercial features the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales, but the real star of the ad is an adorable yellow Lab puppy. Apparently, the heartwarming storyline is a continuation from Budweiser’s commercial from the Super Bowl last year.

The aptly titled “Lost Dog” short is reminiscent of Homeward Bound and the incredible bond that exists between dogs and their owners as well as dogs and other animals. We’re currently watching it on repeat and probably won’t be stopping any time soon.

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