Warriors Beat Cavs to Move Within One Game of Title

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Warriors One Win Away From 1st NBA Title since 1975

Stephen Curry in 2015


What started as a potential shocking upset by the Cleveland Cavaliers is now turning into an overwhelming tidal wave of the Golden State Warriors athletic wing players and three pointers. Like we’ve said after every game so far, LeBron was great, turning in his second triple-double of the series, and once again it just wasn’t enough.

The Cavs attempted to counter the Warriors small unit by benching Timofey Mozgov and playing Tristan Thompson or even LeBron James at center for most of the night. They had some success with it, also helped out by James’s great night, but the Warriors just had more in the tank.

Stephen Curry looked like the MVP last night, especially in the fourth quarter, putting in dagger 3’s to snuff out any Cavs rally. It’s safe to say he is starting to get the best of Matthew Dellavedova. He scored 37 points last, his first 30 point performance of the series. If Curry has turned a corner, Game 6 could be an even greater uphill battle.

Game 6 is set for Tuesday night in Cleveland, and we’ll see what the Cavs can muster if anything.