Will Ferrell Catches as a San Francisco Giant for One At-Bat

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Will Ferrell is the man.

The comedic genius came up with a ploy for him to play all 9 positions on different teams during the MLB’s Spring Training in Arizona.

One of the best stunts was when Ferrell got behind the dish against the Chicago White Sox. Coming out of the dugout in catcher’s gear, Ferrell looked fairly confident.

With every fan in the stands on their feet watching, the actor was able to play long enough for one opposing batter – that was intentionally walked.

It made for quite an entertaining recess from the seriousness of the game, but when Giants manager Bruce Bochy came out to pull Ferrell out of the game, you couldn’t help but grin.

The 47-year-old may not be cut out for professional baseball, but at least he can still make us laugh.