Will Ferrell Throws Basketball at Cheerleader and Knocks Her Out Cold

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Video of Will Ferrell's halfcourt shot just filmed for movie "Daddy's Home."

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If you like basketball and Will Ferrell, then fans in attendance at the New Orleans Pelicans game Wednesday (Jan. 21) might have had the greatest night of their life.

While filming his latest movie Daddy’s Home in Louisiana, Will Ferrell took to the court at halftime during the Los Angeles Lakers and Pelicans game to attempt a half-court shot. Supposedly, Ferrell’s character is drunk during the attempt and winds up drilling a cheerleader in the side of the face.

After striking the poor girl in the head, Ferrell was drug out by security and carried off the court.

Ferrell is starring in the comedy alongside Mark Wahlberg — who he worked with on the hit The Other Guys. The film wraps shooting sometime in early February.